VCam strives to provide specific and tailor-made solutions to our customers, resellers and partners. We constantly seek out new and emerging security and technology systems to remain ahead of the curve and supply our customers with high-end, cutting-edge products and services.

We aim to supply the best product for the required application, holding in mind customer service and after sales support.

Our Partner Support Programme allows us to work with our Integrators to provide optimum on-site service in support of the end-user.

All of our “partners” under the Partner Support Agreement receive superior training, maintenance and technical support, as well as on-site back up support as and when required.

VCam does not try to be all things to all people. We have the ability and experience to be selective in our product offerings, and our aim is to offer limited but high-end products and solutions that suit the job.

Working closely with our brands, we seek to offer extended warranties in order to maximise value to the end-user, and we pride ourselves on our excellent after-sales support.

We also strive to ensure that our Suppliers are able to support their product releases for guaranteed minimum time periods, thereby maximising the product life cycles enabling the end-user to get the best value possible from their investment.

With our wide range of Integrators, Installers, Value Added Resellers and Sub-Distributors, we view our customers as partners with whom we expect to development and maintain long term relationships with.