Global Leader in Identity And Security Solutions

Safran Identity & Security also known as Morpho is a global leader in identity and security solutions, deploying systems in more than 100 countries. Backed by more than 40 years of experience in biometrics, the company develops innovative technologies for the public and private sectors, including identity management, secure transactions and public security solutions.

40 Years Of Experience in Biometrics

MorphoWaveTM Desktop

MorphoWaveTM Desktop is a contactless fingerprint acquisition solution. This innovative device captures four finger images with a single movement in less than a second. Its dynamic acquisition capability allows subjects to be ‘on the move’ during fingerprint capture. MorphoWaveTM Desktop is well suited for high traffic environments.

• Advanced touchless technology
• Very high throughput and performance
• Compatible with current contact databases
• Meets the challenge of dry and wet fingers
• FBI PIV IQS certified

MorphoTabletTM 2

Taking mobile secure identification to the next level. Building upon the successes of its MorphoTabletTM throughout the World, including civil registration and elections in Africa, time and attendance and border control in Europe and e-KYC in Asia, Safran Identity and Security introduces its second generation secure biometric tablet: MorphoTabletTM 2.

The 8” touchscreen Android device now offers 4G high speed data transfer, complete credential acquisition/reading capabilities, plus enhanced usability and robustness to ensure seamless enrolment, ID verification and identification on the spot. Whatever the context, place and time, MorphoTabletTM 2 takes mobile secure identification to the next level.



■ Time & Attendance features
■ Tablet-like user experience
■ Videophone function
■ Anti-fraud: fake finger & face detection, duress finger
■ Full set of contactless technologies including NFC
■ IP65 rated design

… and fast 1:100,000 identification!