Critical Firmware Upgrade for Avigilon H5A Camera Line

Critical Firmware Upgrade for Avigilon H5A Camera Line

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  • Post last modified:Aug 5, 2020
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VCam Security would like to inform all our partners of the H5A camera line firmware upgrade advisory from Avigilon. Here follows the advisory from Avigilon.

H5A Camera Line Firmware (v, addresses an issue where the camera’s identifying information (i.e., Part Number, Serial Number, MAC address) can, under some circumstances, become corrupted leading to a permanent loss of communication between the camera and Avigilon Control Center (ACC). Once this information becomes corrupted, the only way to re-establish the camera connection to ACC is with a manual intervention via the camera’s WebUI. As this is an issue that may present itself more frequently over time, it is strongly recommended that all H5A cameras be upgraded to version or later. In general, it is always best-practice to ensure that all cameras are upgraded to the latest released version.

Additionally, the H5A Camera Line Firmware (v contains a new feature which when used with ACC 7.8, enables the use of the new Social Distancing analytic feature. This firmware also contains image quality improvements that provide better noise reduction and lower bandwidth in HDR scenes.

H5A Camera Line Firmware (v is packaged with ACC 7.8 and will be included with ACC 6.14.18 when it is released. The complete firmware release notes can be found on the Avigilon Partner Portal.

All of the Avigilon teams are aware of this issue and our Technical Support team can assist you, should you experience any connection issues with your H5A cameras.”


If you are not registered on the Avigilon Partner Portal, you can request an account. Otherwise, give us a call at VCam and we’ll make the firmware available for you.

See the Avigilon documentation for manual firmware upgrades.

For more information, contact us.