VCam’s download and resource centre is a collection of useful documentation for our video surveillance and access control offering.

These are collections of brochures, flyers, datasheets, and manuals. For individual downloads we recommend going directly to the manufacturer’s website.

Avigilon Resources

For software and firmware downloads, head over to the Avigilon Partner Resource Centre.

The following is a compressed .zip archive with over 180 PDFs and CAD drawings. It includes the full Avigilon video catalogue, product flyers, datasheets, installation guides, and more.

Table of contents
  • ACC 7
  • ACC ES Analytics Appliance
  • ACC ES Appliance
  • ACC ES Rugged Appliance
  • Analogue Video Encoder
  • Analytics Solutions
  • Appearance Search
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Camera Configuration Tool
  • Cloud Services
  • Drawings
  • H4 ES
  • H4 Fisheye
  • H4 Intercom
  • H4 IR PTZ
  • H4 License Plate Capture
  • H4 Multisensor
  • H4 Pro
  • H4 PTZ
  • H4 Thermal
  • H4 Video Intercom
  • H4A
  • H4M
  • H4SL
  • H5A
  • H5A Explosion Protected
  • H5M
  • H5SL
  • HD NVR 4
  • Mounting Options
  • Presence Detector
  • Remote Monitoring Workstation
  • USB Joystick
  • USB Wifi Adapter
  • Video Archive